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Effective Against Coronavirus & H1N1 Virus Virus Virus

  • Virus when released via a sneeze or a cough, is in a huge quantity.
  • The surface treated with Naso Silver products creates a thick layer of aqua silver as soon as it is sprayed.
  • As soon as the virus comes in contact with the aqua silver (sulphur) layer, it interacts to deactivate the virus then and there.
  • The inactive virus is wiped off as soon as the solution dries off, making it absolutely safe for the next 90 days.
  • Naso silver products provide up to 99% protection against the virus.
  • NASOSILVER PRODUCTS ARE effective on CoronaVirus and H1N1.

How does our product work?

NASOSILVER breaks the chain of virus transmission with a range of products, powered by the power of natural silver elements!

Understanding the Virus

The basic difference a bacteria and virus is in its nature. Bacteria is always alive even when in contact with a surface / body / environment or even without it. A virus on the other hand needs a host (appropriate conditions to survive and grow). While it can be there on the surface, it will only be active when in contact with any living organism. It then survives, grows and affects the host body as the days pass!


The virus that causes COVID-19 is mainly transmitted through droplets generated when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or exhales. These droplets are too heavy to hang in the air and quickly fall on floors or surfaces.


Some of our Laurels & Achievemnts

It was all about giving the world an innovation, we in turn received love, laurels and inspiration to achieve the zenith! Here are some of our achievements that are synonymous to our client's trust and faith in us.


Startups National Award of the year 2017

By Hon'ble President of India


Top 25 Technical Startups of the World

by Republic of Korea from over 118 countries


Top 100 Startups in the World

by Hong Kong Government, only Indian Startup to achieve this feat.


Top 10 Innovators of IIT Delhi

by Hon'ble Minister of State of Civil Aviation, Shri Jayant Sinha


Recognized as the Most Investable Startup of 2018

by LetsVenture, a leading fund aggregator


Level Next Award

by Hon'ble Minister of Social Welfare, Shri Priyank Kharge

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