Your Regular Pollution Mask vs Nasofilters

The season of air pollution is about to hit our health again. It will be a situation when we will be bounded to our houses and offices for almost a month. All of us will be scared of going outside due to the fearful impact of PM 2.5 on our lungs. Perhaps, it will cross the dangerous level again to ring the alarms of ‘Orange Alert’.

Let’s understand how it is better than normal pollution masks available in the market:But.., it won’t be a problem for the people who regularly use Nasofilters and other pollution masks during this highly-toxic interval. One can prefer Nasofilters over regular pollution masks for so many practical reasons. The revolutionary-innovation conquered by the IITians offered sighs of relief to the whole world suffering from air pollution

Higher efficiency in eliminating PM 2.5

The regular pollution masks can avoid up to 90% PM 2.5, whereas the report provided by ASTM and NABL says that Nasofilters offers up to 95% efficiency against PM 2.5. It is because this filter leaves no gap while sticking to your nasals and filters 100% of the air you breathe into your lungs.

Eat & Speak freely with Nasofilters

A simple and logical fact; this filter covers only the nasals while regular masks cover both of your nose and mouth in order to keep PM 2.5 at bay. Once the filter is adjusted to your nasals, you don’t need to remove it again and again for eating or speaking as you do with the regular masks.

Nasofilters are almost invisible

When it comes to the visual impact, regular masks look extremely awkward on one’s face in comparison to the tiny & nearly invisible filters. Only the sharp sight can barely recognize the filter on your nasals. So, Nasofilters innovative creation is the clear winner here.


The good-quality masks cost more than INR 50 per piece, whereas Nasofilters can be purchased with just INR 10 per piece and each one lasts up to 12 hours. It is around 5 times cheaper than conventional air pollution masks. That means breathing good air has become easy and affordable for everyone due to Nasofilters.

Easy to carry & use

Carrying or using Nasofilters is not a problem as it takes half of a minute to put it on the nasals. With its tiny size, you can carry it anywhere without a problem. Using this filter is quite similar to applying an adhesive bandage on your scratchy wounds.

3 easy steps to beat the pollution:

  • Nasofilters come in three sizes: ‘Small’, ‘Medium’, and ‘Large’
  • Peel off the Nasofilter and hold it with your index fingers and thumbs of both the hands
  • Paste it on your nasals and roll your thumbs around every nasal to ensure the zero gap
  • Remove the white paper slowly, starting from middle to moving to the sides, while keeping thumb on the other side
  • Remember that you need to keep the corner side of Nasofilter at the tip of your nose, whereas the curvy side will be facing towards your lips
  • After adjustment in the morning, you can walk, talk and eat freely  throughout the day with almost zero breathing resistance

With the  pollution level rising above the normal state and Diwali just being around the corner, Nasofilters is your hassle free way to breathe easy. While masks might help you feel a lot covered around the nose are, Nasofilter’s compact look and feel helps you breathe better! Its the innovation for your everyday lifestyle, during your few hours at the Gym, walk in the garden or just while working at office. This product is crafted to make it a part of your everyday lifestyle for healthy and happy breathing.  

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