Thinking about how to protect yourself from air pollution in Delhi/NCR? Here’s what you can do right now!

Living in Delhi/NCR and metro cities has become a challenge due to air pollution. The fact – premature deaths of 7 million people due to air pollution is enough to warn us. The recorded data by Greenpeace Organisation says that every one out of five people in India is suffering from some kind of respiratory problem, and the number is increasing rapidly year by year. Before this mass-killer pollution reaches to the cells of your lungs, soon you need to do something to filter it away. Here are some ideas shared to mark everyone safe from the harmful air pollutant PM 2.5: Check air pollution forecasts The first thing you need to do is to check the daily air pollution forecast in your area. You can check it on the internet, television, or radio. If the pollution index shows the dangerous level of pollution in your area, then try to stay at home or use the best N95 pollution mask if you can afford it every day. Alternatively, you can use nasal filters from Nasofilters, which costs 5 times less than the regular pollution masksAvoid exercising You are strictly advised not to do exercise during the highly polluted days, especially early morning. Doing so will make you breathe-in more unhealthy air, ultimately leading you under the radar of respiratory illness and other lung issues. Tips for kids Ask your school management to take some measures like keeping the doors of classrooms closed while teaching. Schools can prefer engaging students in door-closed activities. Use the school bus to commute from your home to school to avoid using their personal vehicles. These little steps can make a huge difference. Stop burning woods or trash If you have a misconception that burning wood does not contribute to air pollution, then you are completely wrong. It is as effective in generating harmful emissions as the motor-vehicles are. Use public transport for office Instead of using a personal car or motorbike, start using public transport like a bus or train. Also, you can witch to carpooling, which helps to decrease pollution of course. Using a bicycle can also contribute to decreasing pollution. Never allow anyone to smoke a cigarette inside the home. Allowing anyone to smoke a cigarette inside the home increases the level of air pollution, and considered more harmful as it is the mix of regular pollution and the smoke of the cigarette. If you do not want to give up your freedom due to pollution, then you can use an anti-pollution mask on your face to roam freely anywhere. Moreover, if you do not want to compromise with your look, you can use nasal filters from the brand Nasofilters, which sticks around your nasals and gives protection up to 12 hours without going visible to anyone sitting in front of you. Both nasal filters and anti-pollution masks come with N95 protection and highly effective in eliminating PM 2.5 air pollutants.

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