How effective is NasoFilters-Nasal Mask for Delhi NCR’s pollution?

Delhi’s air quality has already reached to the danger mark of 200 and above (sourced by AQI). The highest PM 2.5 level is recorded 465 in Vasundhra area of Ghaziabad until now and in the coming time the pollution levels are set to rise dangerously. The situation is surely getting worse day by day! The CM of Delhi, Mr Arvind Kejriwal has released the statement to adopt important measures against it by both residents and the government.

But, like the previous year, is it a solution to be bounded to our houses again? No, that’s not the way we should deal with this problem. Apart from the collective efforts like using public transport, seeding trees, and avoid burning crackers on this Diwali, we also take care of our health by using the highly-effective Nasofilters’ Nasal Mask.
Nasofilters is a breakthrough innovation introduced by the intelligent minds of IIT. It filters 95% of pollutants from the air to keep you extremely safe from PM 2.5. Let’s understand how effective and useful it is:

100 % air filtration
The term – cent per cent filtration means the nasal masks made by Nasofilters leave no gap while breathing air into the lungs. It easily sticks around your nasals and filters up to 95 per cent of PM 2.5 pollutants.

Lasts up to 12 hours
Once it is applied, you can spend up to 12 continuous hassle-free hours in a day. That means you can travel to your office without thinking about the pollution you are meeting on the way. If you are a biker, you must use it because you have a higher probability of contacting those pollution particles.

Even, the people who used to work in open, walking in the streets, and jogging in the park have more chances to inhale these pollutants into their lungs. But, they can simply avoid it and beat it using Nasofilters.

Ensures no restrictions
There is a problem with the regular mask, which we use to avoid pollution, restricts us from eating and talking. You need to remove it whenever you think of eating, drinking, and talking. But, on the other hand, Nasal mask comes with zero restrictions. You do not need to remove Nasofilters when you are doing oral activities.

Offers negligible breathing resistance
Walking, jogging, and going outside is not a problem with the use of Nasofilters as its micro-filters ensure almost zero breathing resistance while doing stressful activities. So, you are ready to conquer the most polluted days with the safest and most affordable Nasal Mask from Nasofilters.

Looks invisible on your face
No matter what colour is it made of, a mask always looks awkward on one’s face. This is another big reason to switch on to the tiny and nearly invisible Nasal masks. Being tiny doesn’t prove it ineffective in comparison to those regular masks because they perform better & best with this size too. You do not need to compromise with your looks anymore because now you have the latest air-filter technology – Nasofilters in your hands.

Safe & Easy to use
Peel it off from the paper, hold it with your index fingers and thumbs of your both hands, paste it around your nasals, remove the white paper, use your thumb to fix it properly on your nasals, and you are ready to breathe safely. It is completely safe to use Nasofilters because GMP has declared it a zero side-effect device.

Never compromise with your health if something is affordable
It is not the time to compromise with your health. Spend a little and pass these polluted days like a pro with Nasofilters. The easiest, safest, and lowest with the price; a pack of Nasal Filters can save your lungs to be effected from killer PM 2.5 for a whole long month.

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